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boss ass witch
Прежде, чем я бухну сюда свежих сплетен, я сделаю акцент, что с одной стороны, вроде бы часть из них донес один из работников со съемок Стрелы, который много раньше удачно спойлернул про кампанию Мойры и возвращение Охотницы на форчане, с другой стороны вы сами знаете про то, что даже не анонимные источники врут.

>uniform designed by Colleen Atwood is part of Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg central idea to keep the tv series closer as possible to the character in the comics.
>only the pilot sсript is signed by Geoff Johns, but he's principal consultant at least the entire first season
>John Wesley Shipp is the Barry Allen father (прим. Джон Весли играл Барри(Флэша) в первом сериале о нем.)
>Felicity Smoak will make a cameo in the pilot. She will be the connection point between Arrow and The Flash.
>possibility some Arrow villains appear in The Flash
>as in Arrow, the Flash villains will be reinvented for a more realistic version, but based in science fiction
>the CW is betting high on the success of the first season. Some tv shows of the channel may suffer minor cuts in the budget for The Flash has a better treatment
>is already decided: if The Flash has a good performance in the first season and Arrow keep growing, the DC will connect with the Man of Steel universe (что не очень хорошо с другой стороны, на самом деле, т.к. у тв-х коллективов обоих шоу Варнеры тут же отберут свободу тв-ва ==)
>Flash won't have all the powers of comics. Yes, he can run a lot, but he can't go around the world in 30 seconds, for example (однако народ предполагает, что Барри все же постепенно соберет все силы в ходе сериала)
>The Flash won't use many special effects. Super will be based on the speed of Man of Steel kryptonians, using camera tricks, such as freezing and stop motion so that large displacements of the character doesn't seem fake.
>CW is preparing a big surprise for the end of Arrow second season/beginning of the third. My guess? Nightwing. But isn't confirmed.

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